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Understanding floating floors – Rules to know by heart!

***Floating floors are not to be installed in bathrooms***

A floating floor is a floor that is not anchored to the subfloor – nor anchored underneath kitchen cabinets. It is a floor that requires expansion and contraction. It requires expansion gaps be ADHERED TO without fail – or your floor will surely fail!

Failure to follow these guidelines will void your warranty.

Rules to a Forna Floating floor:

Consult a professional prior to any Do-it-Yourself project

Subfloor must be clean, dry, flat and sound and of a “hard surface”

  1. 1. The allowable difference in floor height is an industry standard:
    A. 3mm height difference over a length of 3 feet
    B. If the floor has more than this, it MUST BE REPAIRED
  2. 2. Floating floors MUST HAVE EXPANSION GAPS of nothing less than ½ inch (the thickness of the floor is the MINIMUM expansion gap required)
  3. 3. Floor expanses measuring MORE THAN 25 FEET in length:
    A. Expansion gap MUST BE INCORPORATED to reduce continuous floor lengths of LESS THAN 25 LINEAR FEET!
    B . If your floor is only slightly more than 25 feet in length (eg. 32 feet in length), then a “cheater” expansion gap can be “added” to the expansion gap at the wall = 1 inch of expansion at both ends of the floor (both ends of the floor must have 1 inch of expansion left at the wall) – this requires extra trim on the walls
    C. Expansion gaps, OR TRANSITIONS, must be used through doorways.

Rules for Forna Floating flooring in a kitchen:

Consult a professional prior to starting any DIY kitchen remodeling

  1. A floating floor CAN NOT run underneath cabinetry
  2. Cork floating floors MUST BE the last thing to be installed in a kitchen
  3. Incorporate the height of your floor INTO the total height of counter tops
    A. Under-counter dishwashers require a height clearance – make sure you have accounted for the height of the cork floor and underlay before installing cabinets/counter tops
  4. Paint the walls, lay the counter top, install the backsplash BEFORE laying
  5. Measure and trim “toe kicks” prior to installing flooring
  6. Apply 2 coats of water based polyurethane once the floor has been installed! nest

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