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Acoustic Installation Cork Floor


Benefits of Acoustic flooring: Cork Underlayment + Cork Floating Floor!
Forna 6mm Cork underlay + Forna 11mm Cork floating flooring Reduces Annoying Sounds more...


How to install cork wall tiles

how to install cork wall tiles

Properly install cork wall tiles must be acclimated. Therefore, cartons of cork Wall Tiles should be stored in their packaging at the job site for a minimum of 48-72 hours prior to installation. more...


Why Choose Cork Flooring?

why choose cork flooirng

If you have made it this far in your research, then this question has entered your mind on more than one occasion. Of course the experts will tell you that it is a “Green Product” and more...


Acoustic Ratings: What’s Behind the Numbers

sound proof forna cork underlay

The more multifamily unit housing that is built, the more important “Sound Ratings” or acoustic testing becomes. It is also one of the most confusing and controversial topics a homeowner, strata council more...


Cost Comparisons between leading Underlayment

cork underlay forna

Forna 6mm Cork underlay is considered a low cost, high-end, acoustic and thermal underlay. The cost savings alone make Forna cork underlay a leading contender for any project. more...


Advantages of 12mm (1/2 inch) Cork Underlayment

12mm cork underlayment

Acoustic Superiority.The single greatest advantage to 12mm cork underlayment is the superior acoustic benefits it adds to any situation. more...


Cork Flooring Pros and Cons

Cork Flooring Pros and Cons,

The benefits of cork are many the drawbacks are small but significant. A cork floating floor can be installed using a floating flooring install – this is the same as a laminate floor. more...


Basement installations:  6mm Cork Underlay + Vapour Barrier vs. DIY Subfloor Systems

basement flooring

There are several “subfloor systems” on the market and all are geared towards the Do-It-Yourself homeowner. These systems offer a quick and easy solution to basement flooring installations. More...


Cork Floor in the Kitchen

kitchen flooring cork

There is a myth that states that cork is not appropriate for kitchens. This could not be further from the truth. Both glue down and floating cork floorings are excellent ideas for a kitchen. More...



The Durability of Cork Flooring

durability of cork flooring

The durability of cork flooring is something that you will never need to worry about. One of the unique of cork flooring is that it has a “memory” , More...




CABIN cork flooring

Before you go and make all these decisions on how to renovate your cabin using Forna Cork products, please ask yourself one basic question, “What are the winter temperatures inside my cabin?” More...


Cork Flooring Finishes

apply water based polyurethane

An internet search for cork flooring can be overwhelming - even for those of us “in the know”. As a cork flooring specialist and someone who actively investigates “the other guys” finishes/technical More...


How To Patch A Cork Floor

repaire cork flooring

Cork flooring encompasses tiles made from cork oak wood glued or otherwise attached over the top of standard flooring surfaces. While durable, cork flooring can become damaged over time and More...


The Benefits of Floating Cork Floors And The Uniclic System

nuiclic lock system

When the word ‘cork’ is mentioned, people tend to think of wine bottle stoppers or conventional corkboards.  You know, the ones that could be found by the hordes in schools and offices; the ones plastered More...


Cork Flooring Over Radiant Floor Heating

Test Concrete for Moisture

Cork flooring is a style of flooring made from cork trees that is resilient and environmentally friendly. One of the many questions you might have about cork flooring is whether it is suitable more...


Cork History

oak tree in the world

Cork oak forests cover approximately 2.5 million hectares primarily in seven countries: Portugal, Algeria, Spain, Morocco, France, Italy and Tunisia. more...


What is floating Cork Flooring?

unickic cork floating structure

A cork floating floor is a floor that is made up, in part, with cork. This floor is not attached to the subfloor in any way. This is what makes it a “floating floor” as opposed to a glue/nail/staple in place floor. more...


What is beveled edge cork flooring?

What is Beveled Cork Flooring, What is Beveled edge Cork Flooring, What is plank Cork Flooring

A beveled edge cork plank is a flooring plank that has a “shoulder” to it – a little roll on each edge. This makes the floor look as if it is a hardwood floor or a marble tiled floor more...


What is Cork Underlayment?

cork underlayment

Cork underlayment is flooring under pad that is used in place of “foam” products. Cork underlayment offers increased temperature control as well as acoustic properties that are well documented. more...


Rubberized mats and floor Coverings: Things you should know

floor coverings rubberized mat

If you own a wood, vinyl, linoleum or cork floor you should be aware of the concerns caused by rubber or rubberized products sitting on these floors. .... more...


Noise and how to deal with it in a home or a high-rise

sound proof insulation a room

Noise is one of the biggest complaints we hear about in the building industry. Low noise levels are vital for human health and well-being. More...


Cork Flooring Reviews

cork flooring reviews

Having a hard time finding reviews on cork flooring – well you aren’t alone. Cork flooring is very popular in Europe, but her ein North America it is still considered new flooring.


Why Put A Cork Floor In Your Bedroom

dolerite granite cork flooring like hardwood floors

What do you look for when decorating your bedroom? Style? Comfort? A place to relax? How often do you stop to consider what’s on the floor? Most homes have carpeting. Why? More...


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