measure     You need to properly measure a room to determine how much flooring you should buy. Most flooring is sold by the square foot. The square footage is the actual measurement of the area to be covered by flooring. A waste factor of 5% - 10% must be added to the amount of square footage of flooring needed to allow for cutting waste. Example: a 10' x 10' room = 100 sq. ft. Using a waste factor of 5% we calculate 5% of 100 is 5 so you will have to purchase 105 sq. ft. in order to have enough flooring. The cutting waste also allows for some minor defects if any in the wood to be cut out. If you are doing a project that involves many rooms and a lot of cutting you should calculate 8-10% additional. You will have less waste in one large room opposed to several smaller rooms. Please review the Diagram provided below to properly measure for your new floors.

     When measuring for square footage: Simply multiply length x width of any room. This equals your square footage. (length x width = sq.ft) Add an additional 10% for waste. Remember to take measurements for length x width of every room separately.


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